The MICROPRINCE project is planned to run for 36 months and is subdivided into 8 work packages (WP). Between the work packages there are significant dependencies and expected synergies, which are described in the following:

WP1 „Design and installation of the μTP pilot line“

targets the design, manufacturing and installation of the μTP pilot line clarifying the general set-up and defining all technological requirements of the industrial applications. A general process set shall be established to enable the transfer of the process for the industrial applications and the key application smart production.

WP2 „Micro-transfer-printing for high sensitivity magnetic sensors“

industrializes the transfer printing and post-processes for obtaining MLX CMOS ICs with transfer printed high sensitivity magnetic sensing elements.

WP3 „Micro-transfer-printing for optical sensors“

aims at the heterogeneous integration of optical filters. The main objective is the process transfer and industrialization of the printing of filters on optical sensors in the MICROPRINCE environment.

WP4 „Micro-transfer-printing for silicon photonics“

aims to establish a pilot line for micro-transfer print and post transfer print operations of III-V active devices onto silicon photonics wafers for the key application smartsociety. The main objective of this work package is the qualification of the pilot line for the manufacture of two receiver chips.

WP5 „Micro-transfer-printing of LED devices“

develops a LED driver IC with printed RGB LEDs integrated in one package targeting the key applications smart mobility and smart society. The output is a smaller package which leads to cost advantages and more flexible use cases.

WP6 „Micro-transfer-printing for biomedical implant applications“

the technology is developed to micro-transfer print III-V LEDs and silicon photodetectors onto a silicon nitride photonic integrated circuit. The target of this WP is the development of an implantable glucose sensing system.

WP7 „Dissemination, communication, exploitation and standardization“

is dedicated to the communication, dissemination, exploita-tion, and standardisation of the project. The main objectives refer to the targeted communication of project results, the dissemination and contribution to a European Research Union, as well as the exploitation of the scientific results. Dissemination activities target to establish a corporate project.

WP8 „Project- and innovation management“

is responsible for the operational management and technical vitality of the MICROPRINCE project encompassing management components on contractual, financial, legal, technical, administrative and ethical levels. Another focus of WP8 is to respond to opportunities, which is addressed by active innovation management. These activities help to maximize the benefit to participants, project stakeholders and the overall impact of the project.