First, on 13th June 2018 the MICROPRINCE partners met to prepare for the meeting and align the presentations. Afterwards, preparations and discussions continued during the common dinner in a less formal atmosphere. The next day, 14th June, was dedicated as our 1st review meeting and the following achievements within the 1st project period (M01-M12) were reported:

  • project is advancing well
  • made good progress towards technical objectives
  • fruitful cooperation between the project partners
  • successfully submitted 12 Deliverables
  • established a project website and social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn)

The reviewers showed great interest in the work of the MICROPRINCE project, they raised interesting and qualified questions, and provided valuable feedback on the further project work. In general, the project officer as well as the reviewers were happy with the presentations and the project’s smooth work progress so far. All in all, it was a very productive and fruitful meeting, and the consortium is eager to continue working on their upcoming tasks.”