The International Conference on Wafer Bonding
2nd to 4th of December, Halle, Germany
Partners XMF and IMEC represented MICROPRINCE

      19th to 21st of November, Helsinki, Finland
      Partner XMF represented MICROPRINCE at a poster presentation

      EuroSIME 2019
      24th to 27th of March, Hannover, Germany
      FhG attended

Smart Systems Integration trade fair
10th to 21th of April 2019, Barcelona Spain
Partners XMF, XCEL, IMEC and TYN presented MICROPRINCE results in a special session.


20th to 22nd of November 2018, Lisbon, Portugal
XMF attended the conference and to present a poster

International semiconductor laser conference
16th to 19th of September 2018, Sante FE, USA
IMEC gave a presentation on Frontiers in III-V laser integration on silicon photonic integrated circuits.

ECSEL in Germany
6th of September 2018, Dresden, Germany
XMF participated in the Congress of the German funding authority, where the focu swas on presenting ECSEL program with german contributions and sharing experiences on these kind of projects

2nd ECSEL JU Symposium
19th to 20th of June 2018, Brussels, Belgium
XMF represented MICROPRINCE at the 2nd ECSEL JU Symposium in Brussels. The symposium aims to provide a unique opportunity and space for the ECSEL funded projects to present their progress and results to date, to disseminate the scientific and technological achievements, and to show their contributions to the programme.

209th Institutskolloquium @ TUD
6th of April 2018, Dresden, Germany
TUD (Robert Fischbach, Tilman Horst) held a presentation on "Mikrotransferdruck als Herstellungsverfahren mikroelektronischer Systeme" at the public 209th Institutskolloquium of the Institute of Precision Engineering and Electronics Design.

GI/VDE Fachgruppentreffen
19th of March 2018, Dresden, Germany
TUD (Tilman Horst) held a presentation on "Technologien und Werkzeuge für die heterogene 3D-Integration"at the GI/VDE Fachgruppentreffen Layoutentwurf. Focus of this workshop lay on Heterogeneous 3D integration.

6th of March 2018, Dublin, Ireland
Tyndall gave a talk about transfer printing in general and then show the route to exploitation through MICROPRINCE.


2017 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit
26th November – 1st December 2017, Boston / United States
The increasingly cross-disciplinary worldwide activity in materials research manifests itself every year in the MRS Fall Meetings. Featuring over 50 symposia and attended by as many as 6,000 researchers from every corner of the globe, the annual Fall Meeting in Boston is the preeminent annual event for those in the field of materials research. XMF took part and presented the MICROPRINCE project to the audience.

13th to 17th of November Munich, Germany
TYN participated at this major exhibit of the semiconductor industry, where Transfer printing is showcased as an emerging technology.

Reliability by Design; 9. ITG/GMM/GI-Symposium
18th-20th September 2017, Cottbus, Germany
TUD took part at the 9. ITG/GMM/GI-Symposium and presented their scientific publication on “Simulation-Based Design Methodology for Heterogeneous Systems at Package-Level Utilizing XML and XSLT”

ECSEL JU Symposium
13th - 14th of June 2017, Portomaso, St. Julian‘s / Malta
The first Symposium of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking gathers a broad range of participants, discussing the progress of the of the projects funded by the ECSEL JU programme in relation to latest developments in the Electronics Components and Systems field.

5th International Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration (LTB-3D)
16th - 18th of May 2017, Tokyo, Japan
XMF participated at the 5th International Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration. It focused on low-temperature bonding technologies which realize novel device structure by heterogeneous material and device integration and lead to entirely new manufacturing approaches to 3D integration of semiconductor devices, photonic systems, and sensing systems.